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The Dental Linchpin
12-Week Programme

Learn at home
Practice and implement at work every week 
Live coaching every month

12 Weeks of impactful, results proven training

WEEK 1-4
WEEK 5-8
WEEK 9-12

You will receive 14 hours of ECPD once you complete the course

Dr. Barry Oulton B.Ch.D, DPDS, MNLP ,
Founder of The Confident Dentist
"I will show you how to master your communication and sell with integrity"

 Course Content

Part 1

WEEK 1-4

By the end of month 1 you will -

• Be at your best - which means increase your ability to influence and earn more money.

• Understand how you generate your feelings.

• Know how to tap into confidence in a heart beat.

• Be able to give others your best to serve your family, friends and patients.

• Have better relationships.

• Enjoy your job/position more.

• Have the tools to succeed in all areas of your life.

• Feel, see & hear things in totally different ways. 

Part 2

WEEK 5-8

By the end of month 2 you will -

• Be able to present treatment options the way patients want to receive them.

• Have an increase in the best treatment acceptance and therefore earn more money.

• Serve your patients deeply.

• Enjoy better relationships with patients , team, family.

• Be centered and a better communicator with everyone.

• Enjoy your job more.

• Get more out of everything you do.

• Be doing more of what you want to do and less of what you have to do.

Part 3

WEEK 9-12

By the end of month 3 you will -

• Need to treat fewer patients to earn more income than before.

• Have less stress for you, your team and your family.

• Get the higher value treatment plans you present accepted by patients.

• Be able to present beautifully and thus do more comprehensive dentistry.

• Have a better life work balance.

• Enjoy better relationships with everyone and be happier at work and at home.

• Progress more with your career / practice development. 


Thanks Barry for a fantastic course! 
Great foundations for any dentist wanting to improve and develop communication skills.

Barry is full of energy and life which rubs off on everyone involved! Really looking forward to 2021 where I hope to attend a course in person.

I would highly recommend it.

Thanks again,
Dr Brad Gregson 

I couldn’t express enough how much it has helped with getting out of my own way and making me feel much more confident in discussing treatment plans with patients.

I have already been discussing so much more with patients, in as much detail as they need, based on their wants, which they have told me, not me guessing and therefore they are saying yes. 

The investment I made in your course has an infinite ROI in my mind.

All the best,
Dr Jake Garner 

I am very proud to say that I have competed the influencing smiles course and the linchpin , it is absolutely mind blowing.

I can honestly say that 4 months later my feedback from patients and sales have gone through the roof. 

I always thought I was great at communication but Barry has taught me skills and techniques that have taken me to another level.

Do these courses and I promise that you will not regret it. 

Kind Regards
Dr Sheetal Kharbanda


For every dentist attending my course I donate 1 well on wheels.
In rural regions of India, women walk 1-2 miles a day, carrying water on their heads. Overtime, the physical and health burdens of water collection trap families in a vicious cycle of poverty.


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